Areas of Specialty


Hand and Wrist

The hand and wrist are complicated parts of the body. When you have hand pain, wrist pain, or have suffered an injury, you want a doctor who is highly experienced with problems like yours, and that is what you will find at GIKK Ortho Specialists.

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Shoulder and Elbow

Old or young, active or not, the shoulder and elbow are common sites for many problems. Whether it’s in the joint, muscle, or bone, a shoulder injury or elbow injury or condition can be an agonizing experience.

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Foot and Ankle

Whether you’re injured at work, home, or at an athletic event, or just have been experiencing increasing discomfort, foot pain or ankle pain can hinder your mobility – and life. At GIKK Ortho Specialists, our foot surgeons and ankle surgeons are highly experienced at getting you back on your feet.

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Hip and Knee

As you age, arthritis and wear and tear on your hip and knee become more of a problem resulting in pain, muscle weakness, and limited movement which can greatly affect your lifestyle. Nobody knows this better than GIKK Ortho Specialists.

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Sports Medicine

People of all ages can suffer from sports-related injuries. Sprains, strains, muscle pulls, and tendonitis are all too familiar injuries that GIKK Ortho Specialists sports medicine physicians treat on a daily basis.

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