Worker’s Compensation – Patient FAQs

Can my employer say that my injury is not work-related?

Your worker’s compensation insurance carrier will investigate your claim and make the final determination as to whether or not your claim is work-related.  Our office records of your visit with our physician(s) may be used in the process of making that determination.


When will I start getting paid?

We recognize that being injured on the job can cause financial hardship for patients, but we do not control the compensation or payroll checks for injured workers.  Your worker’s compensation insurance adjustor will make this decision.


If my employer does not have a light duty program, can I be sent back to work?

The treating orthopedic surgeon can not keep patients who are unable to perform their regular job role completely out of work if they are not completely disabled. We are required to indicate your physical limitations due to the injury.  Often, this means that the employer will provide light duty work until you are fully recovered, or design a light duty program for you.

If there is no light duty available, or temporary light duty is not available, your employer may choose to put you out of work.

Your orthopedic surgeon cannot put you completely out of work, just because your employer does not have a light duty program.


What do I do if my employer or supervisor asks me to do work that is not listed on my work capacity form?

If this happens, please call our office and speak to our Workers Compensation Coordinator. She can help you resolve the concern by speaking with the doctor and insurance carrier, and potentially the employer.


Am I really supposed to go back to work the same day?

In many instances, you may be released with restrictions to go back to work the same day as your office visit.  Please read the work capacity form and comply with the directions or discuss them with your doctor if you have questions.


Can I get a note that excuses me from work that I missed?

The only way to get a note that excuses you from work, is to be seen by the doctor.  You can not expect to get the doctor to excuse you from work if you did not see our doctor even if your absence from work was really due to your injury.


Worker’s Compensation Coordinator

If you have any questions, or we can be of additional service, please feel free to contact Staci McKee, our Worker’s Compensation Coordinator directly at (402) 361-5274 for all your work comp care needs.