GIKK is now a Tier 1 in-network providers through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska

Great news! GIKK is now a Tier 1 in-network providers through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska.

If you live in the Omaha area, you have most likely seen lots of advertising and news coverage over the past three months regarding negotiations between CHI Health and UniNet (a hospital/physicians group) with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska. On August 31, 2014, the parties involved failed to meet an agreement on their contracts.

What did that mean for the average patient? That if your primary insurance is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, and you seek services at a CHI facility in the Omaha area, or services from a physician contracted through UniNet with BCBS, those services would be “out of network” through BCBSNE… ie, you would pay much higher costs out of your own pocket for those services.  CHI Health implemented various tactics to help BCBS patients continue to receive quality, affordable care at their Omaha area facilities. (You can read about those details on CHI’s website.)

What did (key word here) that mean for GIKK Ortho Specialists’ patients with BCBSNE? Essentially the same, but only for a very short window.  Within a few days, GIKK had a contract in place to remain in-network providers through BCBSNE.  Meaning, the out of pocket costs to see our physicians and remain using our services would not be as high as being out of network.

Now to the GREAT news — October 2, 2014, GIKK Ortho Specialists became a Tier 1 provider for BCBSNE. Becoming a Tier 1 provider greatly improves coverage of GIKK services for patients with BCBSNE insurance.

GIKK Ortho Specialists has provided high quality orthopedic care to the Omaha area and to patients across the Midwest for 65 years.  GIKK provides sub-specialized care in the areas of Hand & Wrist, Hip & Knee, Foot & Ankle, Shoulder & Elbow and Sports Medicine.  We participate with most major insurances, and are happy to once again provide covered services to BCBSNE patients. For more information, please contact our billing/insurance department, or contact Blue Cross for specific details on costs and services covered under your individual, specific plan.