College World Series

It’s that time of year again in Omaha when we hear the bats clinking and see many of the teams and their fans that we have become accustoming to seeing year after year at the College World Series of College Baseball.  It is a proud tradition for Omaha — the CWS has been hosted here since 1950, well over 60 years.

Similarly, GIKK Ortho Specialists has been in business since 1949.  Another long standing Omaha “icon” to add to the list.  Yet, another tradition we at GIKK are particularly proud of — being named Team Physician for the College World Series.  Although, we have not kept tracked of the number of years, it is numerous.  We love supporting area sporting events from high school, college and semi-pro teams and the CWS.  Some of our docs help throw a BBQ each year for the players of all the participating CWS players by setting up “camp” for a couple days and smoking food for the event.  And if you are at the game, or watching on TV, be sure to look for one of our docs in the dugouts.